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GSA Schedule Awarded to AssetSmart

AssetSmart™ announced today that it has been awarded a GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract by the United States General Services Administration.   This contract vehicle now enables federal government organizations, along with other entities authorized to utilize the GSA Schedule contracts, to acquire AssetSmart products and services under pre-defined pricing and terms. 

“This is another step forward for AssetSmart in building our reputation as the leader in fully-integrated asset management systems”, said Robert Kaehler, SVP of Marketing and Sales.  “We are beginning to experience strong demand for AssetSmart throughout the federal government, and this contract makes it much easier for our customers to acquire software and services on very favorable terms.”

AssetSmart pioneered the principles of fully integrated asset management, and now delivers new levels of comprehensive asset management solutions with Advanced Equipment Management 360.  AEM360 comprises a comprehensive set of modules and business processes to support a strategic asset management initiative for the enterprise. Leveraging Structured Cataloging technology, asset optimization methodologies and rapid redeployment techniques, AssetSmart helps organizations transition away from simple asset tracking and/or property control systems.   Now asset management professionals can deliver substantial cost savings and process improvement benefits for a leaner, more productive enterprise.

The full complement of AssetSmart software is available under GSA Contract Number GS-35F-0298V, including all major functional modules:

·         SMART/PEMS – Property and Equipment Management

·         SMART/TMAS – Tools, Materials and Spares

·         SMART/CMS – Calibration Management System

·         SMART/MMS – Maintenance Management System

·         SMART/PBO – Planning, Budgeting and Ordering

·         SMART/ECSS – Enterprise Cataloging Software and Services

·         SMART/ER+ -- Enterprise Redeployment Warehouse

In addition, maintenance and services can be contracted via the Schedule, including:

·         Annual Maintenance and Support

·         Classroom Training

·         Implementation Support Services

·         Enterprise Catalog Data Services (ECDS)

Copies of the GSA Schedule can be obtained by contacting AssetSmart at or on 310-450-2566 ext.15.  Products are also available for order online on GSA Advantage at