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AssetSmart announces SMART/ENCATS 3.7

SANTA MONICA, California (September 1, 2009)SMART/ENCATS and its predecessor SMART/ECSS, Enterprise Catalog Search Support System, have been installed at numerous forward thinking contractors.  It was designed to solve the problem of inconsistent and inaccurate records descriptions such as is described in a recent GAO report for a well known Federal Agency:

“GAO found that the lack of guidance on what should be included in the database descriptions of the equipment and facilities led to widely varying descriptions, which meant that reutilization opportunities could be missed.  For example, the same type of computer server equipment was described as a “disk array,” “disk drive unit,” and “storage array unit.”

SMART/ENCATS can easily “bolt on” to existing applications from SAP and Oracle to provide a Redeployment or Reutilization Warehouse.  SMART/ENCATS is more than just software. Its huge database of pre-cataloged commercial test equipment, computers, office equipment, and measurement equipment enables automatic computer matching and conversion in many cases, to reduce conversion times, risk, and implementation costs to a fraction of that required for a consultant or system integrator to complete a similar result.