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Enterprise Asset System Hits 25th Year

Asset Smart Reports Reaching 25th Anniversary of Continuous Production at Major Corporations

SANTA MONICA, California (September 13, 2010) - AssetSmart reports reaching the 25th anniversary of continuous production at major corporations for its SMART Enterprise Asset Management software . Five Fortune 500 customers have been using the system continuously for over 22 years . Customers using SAP and other corporate ERP software solutions have logged dozens of combined years of integrated support, running “bolted on” versions of AssetSmart. Over the years, AssetSmart’s open system architecture has successfully “surfed” the technology waves of mainframe, client/server and web based platforms. Today, AssetSmart supports large organizations under Oracle and MS SQL Server database platforms, in many cases from a single enterprise copy . Steadily building on its asset management foundation, AssetSmart has reached a new plateau with its SMART | APP+ suite of Asset and People Productivity tools . SMART | APP+ not only improves asset utilization, but more importantly helps conserve time and labor resources in planning, building, supporting and executing mission critical projects .


 AssetSmart’s SMART│CMS Calibration Management Software, which has also been in production for twenty five years, has completed seven successful years supporting the world’s largest commercial aircraft and integrated defense systems company . The enterprise system supports over 20 worldwide facilities from a single corporate database . AssetSmart’s Web Interface, global asset tracking, n-tier architecture, and security partitioning enable tracking the location and calibration status of over 500,000 items anywhere in the world . The integrated SMART | ENCATS Enterprise Cataloging system normalizes all instrument make, model, descriptive and performance specifications in order to maximize the use of common procedures, optimize calibration intervals, and provide uniform quality metrics analysis . AssetSmart is believed to be the only enterprise software which offers a fully integrated world class asset management and calibration software suite .