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AssetSmart Enters Contract with Major NASA Space Center

Federal Agency awards contract for SMART/PEMS and SMART/AMIIX

SANTA MONICA, California -- AssetSmart is pleased to announce a contract award for the SMART/PEMS asset management system and SMART/AMIIX 2.0 mobile bar code scanning software from a major NASA Space Center.

Specializing in the development and operation of unmanned scientific space missions the space center requires a powerful asset management solution to track, manage and report all mission critical support assets. SMART/PEMS provides total real time information from an integrated data repository which seamlessly connects back office and field operations, enabling more timely and cost effective management decisions for the deployment of assets.

The implementation of SMART/AMIIX Mobile Scanning Software will further automate the organization’s life cycle asset management functions. This server-based management module supports automatic generation of download data sets and seamless upload capabilities for full review and approval. SMART/AMIIX supports both Oracle and SQL Server platforms as well as all mobile hardware running Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher.


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