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"Do You Need a Corporate Calibration Management System?" ---Cut Costs. Do More.


Do You Need a Corporate Calibration Management System?

Cut Costs. Do More.

Fall 2011  

Victor Hugo, a French playwright, once said "there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come". In the case of the SMART | CMS Calibration Management System, the idea of a single corporate calibration system has not only arrived - it has been proven with over twenty years of operation at some of the world's most sophisticated technology companies.

If you have multiple facilities operating stand-alone calibration systems, you should consider the cost savings and operational improvements available in a modern enterprise system. For example, each of your separate systems may require an onsite caretaker whose services are required to administer and maintain the local system. The costs of supporting and administering a single enterprise system are much lower than the cumulative costs of administering multiple systems. If your systems run on spreadsheets or Access-based platforms, the data integrity and security including backups may not be as robust or as automated as is available on a corporate server. If your system is custom built, it is probably not an "open" system where your ned-users or customers have direct access to the system to ascertain the status and history of their instruments or test equipment. Chances are you do not have an integrated work order system to track repair and maintenance activities.

The ideal corporate system should operate on an industrial strength database server such as Microsoft® SQL Server® or Oracle®. It should have a sophisticated role based security process linked to transactions that allow casual users to employ the system's powerful searches while restricting updates to only those individuals who have the authority. It must not only support extensive calibration and work history attributes, but allow users to have direct access to transaction and life-cycle history on each of their instruments. Since one size does not fit all, the system must have database partitioning, where each separate facility or lab can configure their own unique menus, reference tables, processes and screens. The system must be web-based so that it can be accessedfrom anywhere in the world without proprietary client software or browser add-ons.

SMART | CMS has all of these capabilities and more. A number of leading technology companies have operated the system for over twenty years. Over this span AssetSmart has introduced dozens of best practices from customer feedback. Additional functional modules are available such as (1) spare parts/tool tracking, (2) equipment management and utilization tracking, including equipment pools, and (3) a corporate cataloging module, which enables equipment engineers to search the test equipment portfolio by performance specifications or generic description regardless of manufacturer or model. For example, a new R&D or manufacturing project might require a digital oscilloscope that goes to 500 MHz; or a power supply with an output of 40 volts, 5 amps and regulation equal to or better than .01%.

AssetSmart enables you to better support and leverage the assets that you already own,, rather than wasting money on redundant capacity. Our customers' experience has shown that 90% of successful tactical equipment redeployments come out of the active asset inventory not the excess warehouse!

Give us a call. We'll show you how to do more with less. Please contact (310) 450-2566 or email to schedule a comprehensive presentation and find out how AssetSmart's integrated solution cab better connect your enterprise!

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