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AssetSmart Wins Competitive Shootout!

SANTA MONICA, California (May 3, 2012) – AssetSmart®, the global leader in asset management software technology, today announced a major award for an IT Asset Management System and Government Property Management System from a prominent systems engineering and integration company in the intelligence and security industry. The contract was awarded after an intense bid competition with a conventional property management system vendor and several ITAM software vendors. Factors cited in the award included (1) superior IT asset management functionality; (2) integration compatibility with Deltek accounting software; (3) ability to run on cost-effective Windows®-based servers and handheld devices with SQL Server® databases; and (4) robust and flexible security architecture; and (5) ability to cleanly and quickly map and convert the customer's data to the new web-based system.  The initial data mapping and conversion was accomplished in a little over two weeks’ time.

About AssetSmart

Founded in 1971, AssetSmart ( ) provides a comprehensive suite of integrated asset and material management solutions for aerospace, defense, electronics, communications, manufacturing, and government organizations. AssetSmart is owned by PMSC and based at 2800 28th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405, United States.  For more information about AssetSmart, please visit: