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Large Plane Maker Gets SMART(ER)

SANTA MONICA, California (December 5, 2012) – AssetSmart® is pleased to announce that a major business unit of a large plane maker has joined the existing AssetSmart Team at that Company. This organization follows other major business units of the company who have been supported by the AssetSmart Property and Calibration System for over 20 years.  

AssetSmart not only provides government compliant asset management software for customer owned property, but also supports major cost savings for both company and government owned equipment and tooling with its AM360 (AssetSmart 360) initiative.  As stated in a recent press release by this company:

   “With mounting concerns over the U.S. Federal Budget deficit, contractors now face the prospect of tougher cuts and tighter contract terms.”

AssetSmart software supports four of the top six federal contractors.  In today’s fiscal climate with leading defense organizations streamlining their organizational structures, it makes good business sense to also right size your physical asset infrastructure and asset management system.

As a long term COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf-Software) supplier, the AssetSmart suite comes ready to install at less than 10% the cost of customized SAP or Oracle accounting software.  In addition, AssetSmart’s integration of their SMART | CMS Calibration/Maintenance System and the SMART|ENCATS Enterprise Cataloging System for test and measuring equipment offers major additional savings.