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AssetSmart Celebrates Seven Years of SQL Server Support...

Santa Monica, California (February 15, 2013) - AssetSmart, the global leader in asset management software, is pleased to announce that it has reached the seven year milestone in support of the Microsoft SQL Server relational database software at leading companies.  Although AssetSmart has supported Oracle® database software for over fifteen years, nine out of 10 recent customers have chosen to run their AssetSmart systems on SQL Server. Customer feedback indicates that SQL Server has a lower ownership cost than Oracle and is much easier to maintain. Three of the top six defense contractors run their enterprise versions of AssetSmart software on SQL Server. One such customer tracks over a million items of tooling and equipment on their corporate database.

As budgets tighten, customers are demanding an open and flexible asset management system offering the client the most robust solution at the right price.  At AssetSmart, not only do our customers have a choice of database platform, but we also offer a modular approach allowing the customers to pay for only the functions that meet their unique requirements. AssetSmart also has the lowest annual maintenance fee in the industry at 16%. Why pay 22% for a less flexible system--that may not include free enhancements.

Save time and money with AssetSmart! Please give us a call at (310) 450-2566 or visit our website at