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AssetSmart Wins Major TAM Award

SANTA MONICA, California (September 24, 2014) - AssetSmart is pleased to announce a new award for Release 3.8 of the SMART ǀ TAM Test Asset Management System by a major aerospace company.  The system achieves several new breakthroughs in advanced equipment management capabilities.

First of all, SMART ǀ TAM operates off a common enterprise data base for all assets, eliminating numerous fragmented information silos, typically spreadsheets, and local desktop databases. The common enterprise database broadens asset visibility across the enterprise, enabling idle or underutilized assets to be quickly identified for redeployment to new projects.

Secondly, the new technology employs the SMART ǀ ENCATS ® Single-Point Cataloging processes enabling (1) absolute standardization and integration of critical catalog attributes such as manufacturer, model and noun description; and (2) ability to search for assets by performance specifications enabling quick and easy cross-comparison of performance by make, model, options and vintage.  Performance visibility coupled with redeployment processes has a proven track record of shrinking equipment budgets by anywhere from 10-20 percent, thereby freeing up appropriations for more strategic modernization programs.

Thirdly, SMART ǀ ENCATS ® provides huge savings in converting customer asset data to a structured catalog philosophy, as well as a quantum jump in asset data quality and visibility.  AssetSmart® automated data conversion services will electronically auto-match 50% of customer asset records in a matter of a few minutes, using the huge ENCATS Master Catalog as the reference source.  This initial conversion step is followed by a manual review by our analysts to cleanup any remaining data.  In many cases even with only partial information such as the model number, a positive identification can be made.  Bottom line - - AssetSmart can get you up and running at a fraction of the cost and time, as compared to a do-it-yourself approach.  AssetSmart® analysts and their supervisors are not only specially trained in single-point cataloging processes, but are also required to have an engineering background, a discipline that is not readily available in many customer property departments.  Once the system is operational, analysts are available to support the ENCATS Online Catalog Request Services function which provides automatic updates to the customer for cataloging of new items.

Fourthly, for advanced Test Asset Management functions, the system includes the new  SMART ǀ PBO Request Tracking feature which supports online requests for test equipment needed for current or new projects in engineering and manufacturing.  The new module supports online requests by model or specification, as well as fulfillment tracking which may include search for redeployable items, reservations for existing items, short-term rental, new acquisitions, or any combination of these.  The Request Tracking Feature is particularly useful in assembling test equipment or IT equipment suites required for new projects.

About AssetSmart

Founded in 1971, AssetSmart ( provides a comprehensive suite of integrated asset and material management solutions for aerospace, defense, electronics, communications, manufacturing, and government organizations.  AssetSmart is owned by PMSC and is based at 2800 28th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405.  Please contact us at 1-800-755-3968 or email