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AssetSmart Announces Another Major Award From Global Giant

SANTA MONICA, California (December 8, 2014) – AssetSmart, the global leader in asset management software technology, today announced a major award for a new COTS asset management software installation. The customer is a world class research facility developing innovative and successful products for a global technology leader.

Critical Factors in the award included:

1.     AssetSmart’s successful track record in delivering and supporting integrated asset management solutions to other business entities within the parent organization.

2.     AssetSmart’s technological lead in being able to support both Microsoft® SQL Server and Oracle® databases. Another competitor, for example, only runs on Oracle. AssetSmart has been supporting SQL Server databases at top companies for eight years. AssetSmart’s ability to support both SQL Server and Oracle with the identical application code and functionality emanates from AssetSmart’s inventive n-tier architecture.

3.     AssetSmart’s advanced Web architecture allows world-wide access under security using a variety of web browsers. Release 3.8 is in its third generation and supports a variety of useful features: (a) large consolidated screens to allow users to enter all critical data on a single screen, (b) Pop-up and drop-down validation lists; (c) extensive default (auto-fill) values; (d) multi-field search screens; (e) Online Report Generator (prints multi-page search results screens); and (f) export of search results to Excel spreadsheets.

4.     AssetSmart’s modular architecture enables a holistic approach to implementation wherein additional software modules may be added in the future to give increased levels of functionality and integration; as for example new mobile scanning or calibration modules.

About AssetSmart

Founded in 1971, AssetSmart ( provides a comprehensive suite of integrated asset and material management solutions for aerospace, defense, electronics, communications, manufacturing, and government organizations. AssetSmart is owned by PMSC and based at 2800 28th Street, Santa Monica CA 90405. For more information about AssetSmart, please visit: