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AssetSmart Awarded Another New Enterprise Contract

Calabasas, California (January 8, 2018) – AssetSmart®, the Global Leader in Asset Enterprise Solutions, is pleased to announce the award of another Enterprise Asset Management System by a leading aerospace manufacturer. The expanded system offers huge savings in the ability to support a complete array of asset management information and reporting processes from a single corporate computer instance. The COTS system supports totally integrated out-of-the-box functions including, (1) special tooling, (2) online history, (3) mass change update facility, (4) NASA 1018 reporting, (5) move order and shipping facility, (6) PCARSS reporting, (7) UID reporting, (8) contract cross-utilization tracking, and (9) AMIIX II mobile visibility via smartphones.

A key advantage to AssetSmart’s architecture is the logical partitioning feature wherein plant sites, business units, and programs may be partitioned for security or operational purposes, while retaining the global corporate view for high level administrators. Access may be further enhanced by a feature called EGSO (Extended Global Security Option) where included partitions may be organized into useful sub-groups with “wildcard” access to the group or part of the group for ease of administration and security. For example, a program administrator might have visibility over all assets in a group, which other users might only have access to assets at a single location.

The AMIIX II suite for smartphones and tablets supports both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile operating systems, and includes RFID, 2D, and conventional barcode scanning. AMIIX II provides support for both connected and non-connected environments, including inventory and day-to-day tracking transactions, supported with a standard user interface similar to that displayed on a user’s desktop or laptop.

About AssetSmart

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