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Integrate Business Processes with SMART|PEMS®

Developed using best practices gleaned over generations of asset management application design and implementation, SMART|PEMS® (Property and Equipment Management System) delivers substantial cost savings and process improvement benefits to organizations looking to embrace the principles of true asset management across their enterprise.  The application offers comprehensive tracking and management of both company and government property, reducing asset downtime, maintenance and management costs and increasing asset utilization and redeployment. The sophisticated software integrates critical, real-time data into a single data repository, empowering managers and end-users to make informed decisions about asset management.  SMART|PEMS® optimizes the lifetime value of assets and standardizes business processes.

Built on a modern architecture, the SMART|PEMS Property Equipment Management System helps organizations:

  • Increase visibility and availability of asset information by integrating all mission critical data into a single data repository -- accessible from any browser worldwide via the SMART|WEB interface
  • Deliver substantial cost savings by reducing  asset downtime, maintenance and management costs and increasing asset utilization and redeployment
  • Empower managers and end-users to make informed decisions about asset management by providing real-time asset-related information from a single application interface
  • Optimize lifetime value of assets by integrating asset planning/acquisition/tracking/ disposal/investment recovery phases into a cohesive continuum
  • Standardize enterprise business processes by moving away from redundant legacy applications and databases
  • Increase organizational efficiency by building structured cataloging processes into place and maintaining accurate records
  • Enable adoption of the latest technologies and requirements such as UID compliance, RFID integration, mobile technologies and enterprise deployment over the web
  • Ensure compliance with financial accounting requirements and federal contract mandates
  • Enterprise IT option enables tracking of IT assets, components, licenses, and software through the entire life-cycle
  • Achieve competitive advantage by enabling the adoption of best practices for fully-integrated asset management

Application Features

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