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Maximize Asset Resources with Intelligent Maintenance Management

SMART | MMS ® (Maintenance Management System) is a powerful, generalized maintenance and repair management system for plant maintenance, computers and manufacturing equipment.  With SMART | MMS®, organizations can optimize equipment utilization, reduce equipment downtime and increase availability of real-time information across the organization.  

Designed to maximize resources in high-use environments like manufacturing plants, aerospace organizations and government property managers, SMART | MMS® offers more than just maintenance and repair tracking. This enterprise application also offers powerful and flexible planning and scheduling capabilities, reducing asset downtime and maximizing utilization and redeployment opportunities.

The SMART | MMS Maintenance Management System helps organizations:

  • Optimize equipment resources by planning, scheduling and tracking service requests and equipment maintenance across the organization
  • Standardize maintenance processes across organization and decrease reliance on legacy applications and databases
  • Improve speed and access to accurate information for maintenance planning and service requests via the SMART | WEB interface accessible from any web browser worldwide
  • Deliver substantial cost savings by reducing asset downtime, maintenance and management costs and increasing asset utilization and redeployment
  • Empower managers and end-users to make informed decisions about maintenance and asset management by providing real-time maintenance information from a single application interface
  • Increase visibility and availability of real-time maintenance information by integrating all maintenance and work-in-progress data into a single data repository
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