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Integrate Business Processes and Enhance Customer Service with SMART | iWAM

Meat man with scale

SMART | iWAM (Integrated Weights and Measures) is an integrated solution which provides Weights and Measures organizations comprehensive functionality across all management disciplines, increasing productivity, enhancing customer service and optimizing scarce resources.

SMART | iWAM integrated management software helps Weights and Measures organizations:

  • Improve customer service to customers and taxpayers with more efficient management of business processes, information collection and reporting, and accurate historical records
  • Increase productivity by standardizing, integrating and automating WAM business processes
  • Establish and maintain complete and accurate historical records of metrology inspections and certifications
  • Optimize scarce resources by providing a complete field to lab solution that enables inspectors to quickly obtain complete records by site, customer or device
  • Decrease reliance on stand-alone legacy applications and databases Improve speed and access to accurate information for inspection, service requests and permits via the SMART | WEB interface accessible by authorized users from any standard web browser
  • Enhance enforcement capabilities by tracking and maintaining historical data on consumer complaints, inspections and citations
  • Role-based security ensures that users have appropriate levels of access to information relevant to their job function within the organization
  • Powerful interactive queries and reports to support both operational and management visibility and metrics

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