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SMART/iWAM Application Features

SMART/iWAM integrates all Weights and Measures processes in a single application.
Whether tracking devices, inspectors, packages, customers, vendors, permits, or consumer complaints, SMART/iWAM provides total visibility to all aspects of a Weights and Measures organization’s business processes in a single, fully-integrated application.

AssetSmart’s SMART/WEB Interface enables interactive accessibility from field to office to lab.
Managers and agents can access real-time data from any web browser worldwide. By offering this level of accessibility, AssetSmart empowers users to make informed, timely decisions about their weights and measures organization and its constituents. For users who are out in the field, MOBILE/iWAM provides the application on a laptop computer which will automatically synchronize with SMART/iWAM when an inspector is able to log back in to the internet or network.

AssetSmart’s modern architecture standardizes processes.
AssetSmart’s open user architecture enables organizations to maintain all relevant data in a single integrated repository, rather than numerous fragmented databases. This enables the adoption of standardized business processes across the entire enterprise, significantly increasing efficiency.

Browser-based software enables access to real-time information.
SMART/iWAM is available as a browser-based application, enabling authorized users to access and update information in real-time from any location worldwide. The intuitive, web-based interface increases visibility of all associated events and provides drill-down capabilities in a user-friendly format. Additionally, users can be interactively notified via email alerts and online notifications of important or changing information, increasing worker productivity and improving responsiveness to important events.

Integrated billing module.
An important function of weights and measures organizations is assessing and collecting on permits and fees, therefore SMART/iWAM includes a completely integrated billing and collection function. This capability allows users to assess and track payment of fees and charges, as well as export information to the treasury system if that is the preferred method of billing.

Rapid, straightforward implementation.
AssetSmart’s software comes with powerful migration tools, flexible business rule decision tables, utilities for integration with external systems and extensive data validation tables–all of which can be easily implemented by internal staff with only minimal training and assistance from AssetSmart. Additionally, our software is designed so that implementation can be phased to ensure your most critical needs are met quickly. If desired, AssetSmart can provide implementation services and training to maximize immediate organizational impact.

Increase efficiency and save money by leveraging AssetSmart’s structured cataloguing processes.
By normalizing device descriptors into standardized formats, AssetSmart provides improved data integrity and enables fast, accurate search records on thousands of items and attributes. AssetSmart can take the pain out of the cataloguing process by providing data services to handle the initial data translation as well as ongoing maintenance services to ensure new products are accurately captured.

AssetSmart adapts to your organization’s unique requirements.
Because of AssetSmart’s modern design, all interfaces, menus, attributes, business rules, status tracking and data fields can be personalized to meet every organization’s unique requirements–without requiring significant consulting or configuration by AssetSmart experts. This design ensures that organizations will be able to easily implement AssetSmart without changing existing processes required for success.