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PEMS Application Features

AssetSmart’s modern architecture standardizes business processes
AssetSmart’s open user architecture enables organizations to maintain all mission critical asset data in a single integrated repository, rather than numerous fragmented databases by category or function.  This ensures the adoption of standardized enterprise business processes across the entire enterprise, significantly increasing efficiency.

AssetSmart’s SMART/WEB Interface enables interactive accessibility worldwide
Managers and end-users can access real-time asset data from any web browser worldwide.  By offering this level of accessibility, AssetSmart empowers users to make informed, timely decisions about asset management. 

Powerful search and navigation capabilities empowers users to drill down as needed
AssetSmart’s powerful online search tools enables users to search by any tracked attribute to find required information.  Flexible navigation allows screen-to-screen access, versus rigid hierarchical structuring, increasing user speed and efficiency in locating information and responding to requests.

AssetSmart adapts to your organization’s unique requirements
Because of AssetSmart’s modern design, all interfaces, menus, attributes, business rules, status tracking and data fields can be customized to meet your organization’s unique requirements, without requiring significant consulting or configuration by AssetSmart experts.  This design ensures that your organization will be able to easily implement AssetSmart without changing the processes you need to make your business successful.

AssetSmart grows with your organization
AssetSmart’s open architecture enables easy addition of new modules, such as maintenance, tooling or calibration, without significant redesign or consulting from AssetSmart experts.  Additionally, AssetSmart has a track record of supporting worldwide implementations with as many as 250,000 assets and 500 users, so the application will always be able to support your organization, no matter how big you become.  

AssetSmart ensures compliance with Federal mandates
Because of the industry knowledge the AssetSmart team brings to its product, the application is designed to help your organization meet the rigorous standards of federal reporting, including PCARSS, DD1149, NASA 1018, DD1662 and FAR 45.  This functionality keeps your organization focused on your business, minimizing time and resources dedicated to ensuring compliance.

Increase efficiency and save money by leveraging AssetSmart’s structured cataloging processes
By normalizing asset descriptors into standardized formats, AssetSmart provides improved data integrity and enables fast, accurate comparisons of like kinds of items for timely replacement and redeployment resulting in capital appropriation reductions of up to 20%. 

Rapid, straightforward implementation
AssetSmart designed its software for self-implementation if desired.  Our software comes with powerful migration tools, flexible business rule decision tables, utilities for integration with external systems  and extensive data validation tables- all of which can be easily implemented by your own staff.  Additionally, our software is designed so that implementation can be phased to ensure your most critical needs can be addressed quickly.