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MMS Application Features

AssetSmart’s modern architecture standardizes maintenance processes
AssetSmart’s open user architecture enables organizations to maintain all asset maintenance data in a single integrated repository, rather than numerous fragmented databases. This ensures the adoption of standardized enterprise business processes across the entire enterprise, significantly increasing efficiency.

AssetSmart’s SMART/WEB Interface enables interactive accessibility worldwide
Managers and end-users can access real-time asset maintenance data from any web browser worldwide. By offering this level of accessibility, AssetSmart empowers users to make informed, timely decisions about asset management and maintenance.

SMART/MMS Optimizes Human Resources with Real-time Crew Tracking
AssetSmart recognizes that the individuals also comprise a significant part of an organization’s competitive advantage. By providing real-time crew tracking, SMART/MMS enables users to make assignments, track worker status, and keep time records for all employees.

SMART/MMS Works with Existing Processes
SMART/MMS can capture and store extensive amounts of data in order to maintain procedural and task-related documents. Features like the Global Standard Plans Database enables generic template plans to be captured, stored and copied for use across common facilities and equipment items. Users can search these data repositories by various data attributes ensuring they will be able to leverage organizational knowledge in numerous situations.

Powerful search capabilities empowers users to drill down as needed
The SMART/MMS system delivers powerful online query tools enabling users to access critical information from any location. Users can run queries on specific information including structured histories by labor, parts, downtime, failure data and tools/equipment used, user-defined conditions, equipment status, work orders and transaction records. Queries can even be combined for maximum searching capability.

Increase efficiency and save money by leveraging AssetSmart’s structured cataloging processes
By normalizing asset descriptors into standardized formats, AssetSmart provides improved data integrity and enables fast, accurate search records on hundreds of attributes and maintenance features. SMART/MMS also maintains electronic dictionaries of standard procedures, check lists and other documents, improving processes across the organization.

AssetSmart adapts to your organization’s unique requirements
Because of AssetSmart’s modern design, all interfaces, menus, attributes, business rules, status tracking and data fields can be customized to meet your organization’s unique requirements, without requiring significant consulting or configuration by AssetSmart experts. This design ensures that your organization will be able to easily implement AssetSmart without changing the processes you need to make your business successful.

AssetSmart grows with your organization
AssetSmart’s open architecture enables easy addition of new modules, such as maintenance, tooling or calibration, without significant redesign or consulting from AssetSmart experts. Additionally, AssetSmart has a track record of supporting worldwide implementations with as many as XX assets and XX users, so the application will always be able to support your organization, no matter how big you become.

Rapid, straightforward implementation
AssetSmart’s software comes with powerful migration tools, flexible business rule decision tables, utilities for integration with external systems and extensive data validation tables- all of which can be easily implemented by your own staff. Additionally, our software is designed so that implementation can be phased to ensure your most critical needs can be addressed quickly. However, if desired, AssetSmart can also provide implementation services and ongoing training to ensure user adoption and even speedier implementation.