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Major Defense Contractor Makes SMART Move

AssetSmart, the leader in global asset management software, announces that the world’s third-largest aerospace and defense company has licensed AssetSmart software to be deployed across its global enterprise.

“This organization is at the forefront of global technology leaders taking a next-generation approach to true Asset Management,” commented Phil Chase, chairman of AssetSmart. “By deploying our solutions across its global enterprise, the organization gains control of its critical assets, improves overall utilization, enables adoption of best practices and significantly reduces operating costs.”

Of particular significance to the AssetSmart deployment are the following key elements:

  • AssetSmart is the first single-instance application deployed by the organization that will be accessible by all business units throughout the enterprise. Using AssetSmart’s Partition Security functions along with powerful  Global Security infrastructure, the database will be segmented and secured to meet the company’s critical requirements. The advantages of a single repository for all asset information include consistent business processes  across the enterprise, improved opportunities for strategic redeployment and total corporate asset visibility,
    streamlined management reporting, and significantly lowered deployment and support costs.
  • AssetSmart will be used to manage all classes of assets across the enterprise, including government property,
    company equipment, leased equipment, IT assets, and special tooling. SMART/PEMS will act as the primary repository of asset data, and is supported by feature modules for Maintenance Activity Tracking, UID Registry uploads, PMO/ Shipping including automatic generation
    of the DD1149 form, Advance Equipment Management for equipment pools, check-in/check-out functions and cost allocation computations, and automated PCARSS file generation.
  • AssetSmart will be integrated with a variety of other internal systems, including SAP financial and procurement modules, to provide additional contextual data to asset records along with appropriate asset information back to the financial systems. Using a combination of real-time and batch interfaces, complete information will be available to users when needed, as needed. As always, AssetSmart will also provide technical services, training and help desk support as part of the total solution.