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SMART/UID Enhancements Simplify Compliance

AssetSmart released its second generation of SMART/UID further simplifying the process of managing assets under the DOD UID Policy. Building upon the robust functionality in the 3.5.1 release, SMART/UID leads the market in ease of use and integration with both AssetSmart modules and external legacy applications. A newly-designed method for capturing eligible assets for UII creation and upload enables a one-button push for importing asset data into SMART/UID, even from external systems. In addition, new functionality for automatically posting the complete data file to the UID Registry has been implemented. Improved navigation controls, menus and screens are also part of the new release.

As with all AssetSmart modules, SMART/UID can be deployed as a standalone application or operate as an integrated part of the AssetSmart suite for global asset management.