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New Maintenance Activities Tracking Available for SMART/PEMS

SANTA MONICA, California (November 1, 2007) - AssetSmart is now offering a new feature option for SMART/PEMS users. The Maintenance Activity Tracking (MAT) option enables customers to integrate maintenance tracking directly with the assets in your SMART/PEMS software.

This new offering provides visibility of the last and next service date, type of service, servicing organization, and historical event and cost counters. Enhancing overall visibility into asset care and maintenance of critical assets, MAT ensures that companies are in compliance with FAR requirements and eliminates redundant systems. The new MAT option is a subset of AssetSmart’s powerful SMART/MMS Maintenance Management System and its SMART/CMS Calibration Management System—the most robust and highly-evolved enterprise calibration management system available commercially. If your organization requires more extensive maintenance and calibration management, be sure to ask about our SMART/MMS and SMART/CMS products.