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SMART/PT Tracks Packages from Receiving Dock to Delivery

Where is that important package delivered to your receiving dock this morning?
It could be important documents, required parts, or any of a number of items critical to your company’s success. You may have seen notification from your carrier that it was delivered, but where is it now? That is the answer that SMART/PT provides.

AssetSmart, working closely with a pilot customer who processes over 400 packages per day through its receiving dock, has developed a new module for internal Package Tracking – SMART/PT. Whether you want to use it as a standalone application or integrate it into an AssetSmart suite, SMART/PT provides both users and operational staff the ability to closely track and monitor the movement of packages from dock to delivery. The database captures all events as the package moves through your organization and is delivered to the addressee. Additional capabilities
include the ability to use handheld scanning and communication devices to capture real-time delivery data, and capture of the package tracking data prior to receipt at your dock from sources such as UPS and FedEx.

AssetSmart’s SMART/PT minimizes unproductive phone calls to the receiving group, provides instant access to the current status of your incoming package, and maintains an audit trail of all package deliveries internally.