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Andrew Anderson Wins Highest NPMA Honor – the Property Person of the Year Award

Andy Anderson (pictured left with wife, Hi) was honored with the highest award bestowed by the NPMA - The Property Person of the Year Award - at this year’s National Property Management Association’s National Education Seminar, held in Reno-Sparks, Nevada.

Each year the National Property Management Association (NPMA) recognizes an active member who has contributed time and support in an outstanding manner to the Association and who has also made significant contributions to the field of property management. This recognition is by an award as Property Person of the Year in memory of Jack Griffiths, founder and first president of the Property Administration Association (PAA).
In front of an audience of over 500 of his peers, outgoing NPMA President Cheri Cross presented the award to Andy, saying:
“It is without question that the recipient of this year’s award has made significant contributions to the association and the field of property management.

As an active member and a recognized leader of NPMA for more than 25 years, Andy has made a significant impact by being an exceptional advocate for certification and professional development. This Consulting Fellow served in a mentoring and advisory capacity to not only members of the local NPMA chapter but across the nation and internationally as an advisor and source of knowledge on all facets of property management.

Andy is an avid supporter of developing and applying effective business process within compliance requirements, but thinking “outside the box” on solutions, he volunteers his time at chapter and region seminars across the country, presenting workshops on a myriad of topics and presenting certification review sessions; frequently at his own expense. He also contributed as a writer and technical advisor during the most recent rewrite of the certification manuals.

He has a unique understanding of property matters across several key business sectors including Federal, University, Contractor, and Military. He has used his knowledge and professionalism to benefit the property profession in many ways. The influence he has had on hundreds of property professionals – at all levels –has improved understanding of property management principles, helped raise awareness of the value of property management, and created many leaders within NPMA.”

Andy has been a property professional for over forty years. He is a renowned instructor and management consultant for international companies, enterprise organizations, and government agencies throughout the United States, in addition to a number of foreign governments. He has held senior logistics and property management positions in military, government, defense industry, and non-profit research and development institutions. In each, he oversaw large scale asset management systems and their related processes.