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Robert Kaehler Delivering Bosses’ Day Talks at NPMA Chapter Meetings

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Robert Kaehler will be speaking at the Bosses Day meetings for two northwest chapters. He will be delivering a talk, titled “Strategic Asset Management - A Whole Different Level of Goals, Best Practices and Outcomes.”

In the talk, he will discuss the executive management perspective on managing assets, which places the emphasis on strategic asset management rather than the tactical aspects of asset tracking and control. He will make the case that organizations who manage assets strategically can positively impact an organization to the tune of millions of dollars per year, and create efficiencies created by adopting processes that provide greater levels of service, lower costs, and increased competitive advantage.

Upcoming events:

Northwest Chapter
October 22nd 5:00 pm
Seattle, WA

Oregon Trail Chapter
October 23rd 12:00 pm
Portland, OR